Updates This Week

Hi all

Thanks for your patience as we keep updating the database. In the past week, we have updated the following:

  • Imported addresses and phone numbers and other profile details that were missing in a number of profiles
  • Fine tuned access permissions
  • Given out about 20 logins to various people
  • Begun using Elvanto for group emails for various ministries
  • Tested people flows and check ins

We have also discovered a few minor teething problems that we are addressing. We are hoping to deal with them as soon as we can. If you find anything that you think might be a bug or that you are unsure about, please email media@sdbc.org.au.

Hello to our new church database!

We have now officially moved to this church database. Hope you are able to take a look around.

If you have any questions about the database, how to use it, and what it can do for your ministry, please email Josh Tan at media@sdbc.org.au.


Welcome to SDBC's new online community!

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