26 September: Church-Wide Prayer Points

We are going to trial weekly SDBC prayer points on our database newsfeed. We hope you find this helpful.

Prayer points this week:

  • Pray that each of the Pastoral Search Committees operating at SDBC will know the wisdom and counsel of the Lord in their deliberations and interviewing of potential candidates.
  • Pray for the upcoming Christmas Carols event, that the Lord will touch many lives with His message. Pray for the many volunteers that will be required for this event.
  • Continue to pray for Lloyd Nicholas, that he will know the Lord’s peace and that the cause of his fever will be determined and treated effectively.
  • Pray that Helen Close will know God’s closeness and that she will recover well with no complications from the surgical procedure on her heart.

Updates This Week

Hi all

Thanks for your patience as we keep updating the database. In the past week, we have updated the following:

  • Imported addresses and phone numbers and other profile details that were missing in a number of profiles
  • Fine tuned access permissions
  • Given out about 20 logins to various people
  • Begun using Elvanto for group emails for various ministries
  • Tested people flows and check ins

We have also discovered a few minor teething problems that we are addressing. We are hoping to deal with them as soon as we can. If you find anything that you think might be a bug or that you are unsure about, please email media@sdbc.org.au.

Hello to our new church database!

We have now officially moved to this church database. Hope you are able to take a look around.

If you have any questions about the database, how to use it, and what it can do for your ministry, please email Josh Tan at media@sdbc.org.au.


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