23 January: Church-Wide Prayer Points

Pray that all our ministry leaders and helpers will know the joy of the Lord being their strength and their inspiration as they commence their various ministries within the next week or so at SDBC.

Pray for those (approximately ten people) who have indicated their willingness to be part of the work and ministries of Hertford Street Baptist Church. Pray they will know God’s guiding hand as they seek to use their various gifts to serve and to encourage the body of Christ in that location. Pray also for Josh Tan as he pastors the church at HSBC.

9 January: Church-Wide Prayer Points

Pray for our three new pastors and their respective families as they settle into their roles at SDBC:

  • Charlie Harrison, his wife Elena and their two children Rebekah and Ellyse
  • Brendan Cottam
  • Josh Tan (Part time at Hertford Street Baptist Church -HSBC)

Pray for Focus Sunday on the 29 January, that many will attend. Pray for the message from Pastor Daryl that the Lord will inspire, challenge and encourage us all to become even more passionate in our love and desire for the Lord as we follow Him into 2017.

Pray for our sister church at HSBC, that they too will know the Lord’s blessings as they seek to reach their local community for Christ. Pray for Josh Tan as he pastors his congregation there.

17 October: Church-wide Prayer Points


Please pray that the boxes we send will reflect the love of Jesus, transforming lives and bringing hope to a new generation.


Please pray for the annual "Christmas for the Bush" (28th November to 17th December 2016) visitation program is on again with its mission to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of people in rural and remote Australia.

October 10: Church-wide Prayer Points

Please keep the following in your prayers this week.


  • For discernment and wisdom as we evaluate the suitability of each applicant as per the position descriptions and requirements of SDBC.
  • For the shortlisted applicants, that they will experience the peace of Christ.
  • For God’s blessing and guidance throughout the entire process.


  • For the advertised position that it will reach potential candidates.
  • For patience during the search process, and trusting God's timing to bring the candidate He desires to be at the church.
  • For God’s blessing and guidance throughout the entire process.

26 September: Church-Wide Prayer Points

We are going to trial weekly SDBC prayer points on our database newsfeed. We hope you find this helpful.

Prayer points this week:

  • Pray that each of the Pastoral Search Committees operating at SDBC will know the wisdom and counsel of the Lord in their deliberations and interviewing of potential candidates.
  • Pray for the upcoming Christmas Carols event, that the Lord will touch many lives with His message. Pray for the many volunteers that will be required for this event.
  • Continue to pray for Lloyd Nicholas, that he will know the Lord’s peace and that the cause of his fever will be determined and treated effectively.
  • Pray that Helen Close will know God’s closeness and that she will recover well with no complications from the surgical procedure on her heart.
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